Executive Forests Agency | Directorate: Legal and Administrative Activities

Position: Director

Name: Ilian Tochev

Phone: 0298511754

Internal phone: 754


Directorate "Legal and Administrative Activities":

    • assists the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Directors, the Chief Secretary and the administrative units in the implementation of the legal and administrative activity of the Agency;
    • participates in the development of regulations and gives opinions on these;
    • provides legal representation to the Executive Director and the Agency before the courts;
    • prepares and updates projects for the job descriptions and personal job descriptions of positions in the Agency;
    • coordinates and proposes for approval the job descriptions for Regional forest directorates and specialized territorial units of the Agency;
    • prepares acts related to the contracting, modification and termination of official and employment contract relations;
    • prepares, drafts and stores the official and personal files of the employees of the Agency, the directors of the Regional forest directorates and the directors of the specialized territorial units of the Agency;
    • develops, in conjunction with other competent authorities, projects and programs for working conditions and technical safety;
    • takes legal action to collect receivables of the Agency;
    • establish cooperation with the legal directorates of the other administrative structures within its competence;
    • gives opinions on the legality of draft contracts, orders and others acts and documents related to the Agency’ activity;
    • proposes to the Executive Director measures to harmonize the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria with the Directives, Regulations and standards of European Union (EU) in the field of forestry and hunting;
    • organizes and conducts record keeping activities by receiving, processing and sending outgoing correspondence;
    • organizes and coordinates the work with the received signals and proposals of citizens and other documents;
    • organizes the legal assistance of the administration for the lawful exercise of its functions;
    • organizes the connections between the units of the general and specialized administration related to the submission of documents for implementation;
    • processes and stores the central records/ archive of the Agency;
    • organizes and coordinates the administrative service of citizens;
    • collects, stores, processes, analyzes and disseminates information needed to make decisions regarding the professional training, qualification and retraining of agency staff;
    • ensures the implementation of the Agency's information policy, implements its functional connection, planning and implementation;
    • participates in the design, development and implementation of a forest information system of the Republic of Bulgaria;
    • coordinates programs that serve the information activities of regional forest directorates and specialized territorial units;
    • exercises methodological guidance in the use of electronic computing and data processing;
    • coordinates the dissemination and implementation of software products in the practice of regional forest directorates and specialized territorial units;
    • participates in committees and expert councils on the implementation, maintenance and use of software, databases and electronic equipment;
    • organizes and provides technical support for the Agency's automated information and communication infrastructure, the Regional forest directorates and the specialized territorial units - local networks and communication equipment;
    • maintains and updates the Agency's website on the Internet by publishing current information in Bulgarian and English;
    • ensures the integration of the information systems of the Agency with the systems of other units of the state administration;
    • ensure the proper functioning of the hardware and software, necessary to process and transmit the information;
    • organizes and controls the design and creation of information systems for the needs of the Agency;
    • organizes and provides technically the public statements of the Executive Director;
    • develops a program for presenting the Agency's activities to the public and the mass media;
    • informs the public about the Agency's policies and its programs and activities;
    • organizes public appearances of agency staff;
    • implements coordination and methodological management of the relations of the Agency, the Regional forest directorates and specialized territorial units of the Agency with the public;
    • studies and analyzes public opinion before conducting an Agency's policy and analyzes publications in the media about the Agency's activities;
    • works in coordination with the public relations units of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and other administrative structures;
    • organizes the conduct and minutes of official and working meetings, as well as other statements by the Executive Director and the Agency's management;
    • implements the protocol correspondence of the Executive Director;
    • makes contacts with embassies of foreign countries in the Republic of Bulgaria to arrange protocol and official meetings with the Executive Director and the Agency's management.

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