Executive Forests Agency | Directorate: Forest Territories

Position: Director

Name: Dzhemile Molaahmed

Phone: 0298511277

Internal phone: 277


Directorate "Forest Territories":

    • assists the Executive Director to exercise his power in relation to the methodological management of the land consolidation activity in forest areas;
    • participates in the preparation of strategies and programs related to the use of timber and non-timber resources in the country;
    • organizes and supervises the activities on the development, adoption and modification of the forest map;
    • provides public access to the forest map;
    • creates and maintains GIS for forest territories based on forest map data;
    • assists the Executive Director in setting national priorities in the field of forest inventory and planning in forest territories;
    • considers proposals and prepares draft acts for: 
    a) preliminary coordination and change of purpose of land properties in forest territories
    b) preliminary agreement and establishment оf land use rights on state property in forest territories 
    c) preliminary agreement and establishment of easement in forest territories – state properties
    d) preliminary agreement and establishment construction right in forest territories – state properties
    e) purchase by the state of land properties in forest territories owned by individuals, legal entities and municipalities
    f) swap of lands in forest territories privately owned by the state, with lands in forested territories owned by individuals, legal entities and municipalities
    g) sale of land in forest areas
    h) constructions in forest territories that are not construction within the meaning of the Forest Law;
    • organizes the procedures on changing the purpose of: 
    a) agricultural territories and disturbed terrains into forest territories; 
    b) agricultural lands which have acquired the characteristics of a forest, verified during the inventory of forest territories;
    • establishes and maintains the set of documents verifying the property right of the state on lands in forest territories, which are provided for the management of state-owned enterprises under the Forest Law;
    • organizes and controls the implementation of a national inventory of forest territories;
    • controls the development of Regional plans for the development of forest territories;
    • organizes and controls the inventory of forest territories;
    • supervises the development of forest management plans and programs for forest territories, plans for game management and forest fire protection activities;
    • notifies the owners of afforested and self-afforested agricultural lands after March 1, 1991 of the circumstances under Art. 83, para. 1 of the Forest Law and the resulting activities on clearing the properties or changing their purpose. 

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